October 30, 2016


The Key Person

The first 3 years are a very sensitive period for attachment. For a secure attachment to exist, there must be a genuine mutual affection between the child and their key person.

We understand that being cared for in a nursery is very different from being cared for in a home environment. In order to make this transition as smooth as possible for the child and the parents, we have a key person system in place. Each child has their own key person who is there to help them feel secure and settled. Your child’s key person will take the time to get to know your child, and you as parents, in order to meet your child’s needs fully.

You can be assured that the key person is there to give extra cuddles when needed, to share in exciting news and to encourage your child’s interests. Their role is also to act as a first point of communication for you as parents and to help monitor and support your child’s learning and development.

Over a longer period of time, the key person will make observations on their key child, documenting what they can do and how they are working things out. These observations help us identify ‘next steps’ for each child, which we then include in our short term planning. These ‘next steps’ also inform our development progress trackers, which are updated every six weeks and help us identify any areas of development that need additional input.

The nursery team works closely with you at all times, but particularly at key times in a child’s development such as potty training and room changes to ensure that we all support the child together.


Ms. Debbie Platt
Nursery Teacher



I moved to Dubai from Australia with my family 8 years ago. I am a fully qualified Early Years Teacher and have been working in the education industry for the past 7 and a half years with 5 of those in Early Years Education.


Ms. Margareta Woodfield
Nursery teacher


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Ms. Anika Atif

Nursery teacher

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Ms. Carol Ellis

Teaching assistant

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