November 25, 2015

Why Ranches Nursery

Ranches Nursery aims to provide a safe, happy and stimulating environment where your child can learn through encouragement, sensitivity to others and mutual respect. The children’s development, growth and learning will be supported through the enhancement of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. Ranches Nursery offers an individual learning journey for each child and values partnership with parents.  As a nursery, we direct our efforts to meet the following goals for all of our pupils:

  • The development of each individual child according to the child’s needs and potential
  • The attainment of self-discipline
  • The growth of independence and initiative
  • A thirst for knowledge and a love of learning
  • Spontaneous creativity
  • The development of skills and knowledge linked to the child’s own effort and interest
  • The development of ethical behaviour based on moral and spiritual values
  • The ability to express thoughts and feelings
  • An understanding of the environment and a sense of the contribution of all living things to each other