Background of Ranches Nursery

Ranches Nursery is built in the expanded phase of the Arabian Ranches community, one of the fastest growing areas of Dubai. Our Nursery has been constructed to ensure state of the art facilities for a truly unique student experience. In keeping with the requirement of the community where it is located, it will operate co-educationally.

Is Ranches Nursery associated with other nurseries or part of an Education Group?

While many of the operating group members have had extensive experience founding and developing nurseries in Dubai, this is an independent organisation which currently has no other nurseries operating in Dubai. We are directly affiliated with Ranches Primary School where our children have priority admission.

Where is Ranches Nursery located?

Our nursery is located in the new Arabian Ranches 2 area. It is easily accessible from Al Qudra Road, which connects Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road with Emirates Bypass Road. The location map can be found here.

Can I visit the nursery?

Nursery tours are available daily at 10am and 2pm.  To book a tour, please call the school office on 04 442 9765.

When does the nursery year start and finish?

Each year the nursery submits the academic calendar to MOSA for approval, which is based on the current regulations and confirmed public holidays. A draft academic calendar can be found on the nursery’s website. Generally, the nursery year commences at the beginning of September and closes at the end of June. We operate under two semesters.

What are the nursery timings?

AT Ranches Nursery we understand that many parents are working and have adjusted our school timings to accommodate this, meet international best practice and reflect the local culture. Our current timings are 8:00am to 1:00pm

What curriculum does Ranches Nursery offer?

We offer the United Kingdom’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) as the academic basis of the Nursery.
The EYFS is a proven programme that ensures quality and consistency within a framework that meets the needs of the individual child for children learning.

Is Ranches Nursery co-educational?

Yes. Ranches Nursery is fully co-educational, with expected equal numbers of girls and boys in all classes.

How do we communicate at Ranches Nursery?

We see communication as central to the success of our nursery. Only through active, timely and informative dialogue can we ensure the success of our children within our learning community. Presently our website is the central area where you can find all information relevant to Ranches Nursery. Closer to nursery opening we will be providing an education portal where we can insure you are informed, well-resourced and able to contribute to the growth of our school.

How can I contribute to the nursery?

We see our parents as part of our learning communicate and believe our parents are a great resource with a diverse range of talents, expertise and experience. As such, we encourage parents to be part of child learning through class reading sessions, presentations related to our curriculum or cultural events and home projects.

A parents association is an important part of any school, however it is even more significant in building the culture within a new nursery. Our parent association will focus on community building, parent communication and assisting in major school events. If you would like to be a part of the founding group please inform the school secretary.

Are there opportunities to work at the nursery?

Yes. We will often have positions coming up throughout the year in class support, administration and technical areas. For a list of current vacancies please click here.

How can I prepare my child for the start of nursery?

Starting a new nursery can be a daunting experience for a child. The best preparation is to reduce the anxiety that is associated with this big move. Visiting the nursery beforehand, turning the apprehension into curiosity and sharing your excitement at the new opportunities that will come along is the best possible preparation for any child starting a new nursery.

How quickly can I expect my child to settle at nursery?

Every child is different and may take different amounts of time to adjust to their new environment. Ranches Nursery has an active pastoral care programme that puts the priority on ensuring children have the best possible start, have opportunities to make a range of friends and are aware of where they can go for help if required.

What facilities do Ranches Nursery children enjoy?

Purpose built classrooms with age specific developmental resources.
Outdoor learning environment attached to each classroom.
Spacious indoor climate controlled play and experience room.
Shaded play areas with a range of fixed and movable equipment.