October 13, 2016


Well qualified, experienced and passionate teachers are central to providing an excellent education for our pupils. Our teachers are professionals that have exceptional subject knowledge and experience within the specific developmental stage or specialist area that they teach. They will understand the particular needs of their students and be able to build a relationship that facilitates individual success.

Teachers respond sensitively to the needs of our pupils through personalised attention, structured learning environments and a variety of learning tasks. Parents are an integral part of the learning process and our teachers will ensure that there is clear communication between home and school and that parents are involved as part of the learning community.


Mr Pederick
Vice Principal


Originally from Bristol, UK, for the past twenty five years I have been fortunate enough to have worked in some fantastic schools in some exciting parts of the world in a variety of roles including Director of Sport, Housemaster and Deputy Head. This is my tenth year in Dubai and my fourth start up school. I am delighted to have joined such a positive and forward thinking community and I look forward to helping Ranches grow and prosper.


Miss Pace
Foundation Stage 1

Miss Pace


I have moved to Dubai from North Yorkshire where I was teaching in a lovely school with a small community. I studied Primary Education at Sunderland University graduating in 2010.


Mrs Flanagan 
Foundation Stage 1

Mrs. Flanagan


I come from Ireland and moved to Dubai in July 2014.  I am really enjoying the cultural experiences and new opportunities Dubai has to offer, to both my professional and family life.  I have been teaching for 16 years and  was Deputy Principal for 6 years


Miss Murphy



I moved to Dubai this year from Outer London, where I have been teaching for the last 4 years. I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to work in such a lovely school in Dubai.


Mrs King
Foundation Stage 1


I have recently moved to Dubai with my family.  I have worked within Early Years Education back home in Scotland for 8 years, also having experience working alongside children with additional support needs.  I look forward to being part of the Ranches Primary School Team and having a positive influence on your child’s learning journey.



Miss Coyle
Foundation Stage 2



I am from the countryside in Co. Meath, Ireland. I have been teaching for 11 years. I was teaching for 9 years in Dublin, Ireland, 1 year in  London and am now in my second year in Dubai.  I am delighted to be a part of the amazing RPS  team! I am a kind and caring teacher who believes in creating a happy, fun and safe environment in which the children can flourish!


Miss Simon
Foundation Stage 2



I come from a small town near Cambridge in the UK and I moved to Dubai last year where I was teaching for a year in another British Curriculum school. I studied for my PGCE at the University of Cambridge and completed my Masters of Education there too before moving to Dubai.


Miss Scott
Foundation Stage 2

Originally from Scotland, I moved to Dubai in 2014.  I have taught in Scotland, England and UAE.  As a Primary Education and Educational Psychology graduate, I am now currently studying a Masters in Educational Leadership.  As a self-motivated, passionate teacher, I am willing to go the extra mile to ensure my students succeed.


Miss Marmion
Year 1

Miss Marmion


I am from a little place outside Dundalk in Ireland. I have been teaching for the past 8 years, 3 years in Edinburgh and I’ve in Dubai for the past 5 years.



Mrs Thompson
Year 1



I have recently moved to Dubai with my 2 children, Anna and George.  We are all excited about being at Ranches Primary School.  Before Dubai we lived in Saudi Arabia for 4 years but we are originally from Kent in England.


Mr Kavanagh
Year 1



I come from Ireland and I moved to Dubai in 2015. I have eight years teaching experience and have previously taught in England and Spain. In school it is my goal to make a positive contribution to every pupil’s education, self-esteem and life skills. I am really looking forward to being a part of Ranches Primary School and community.


Miss Gilbert
Year 2, and Foundation Stage & Key Stage One Coordinator

Miss Gilbert


I have moved to Dubai from Berkhamsted School in England, where I worked with Mrs. Steed. I was the Literacy and Assessment Coordinator for the school and was a member of the management team.


Mrs Pazmandi 
Year 2

ANDREA PAZMANDI Bio and photo to follow





Miss Murphy
Year 3

Miss Murphy


I recently moved to wonderful Dubai from the green isle of Ireland. I am a warm and caring teacher with extensive teaching experience in both the United Kingdom and Ireland. I have been teaching for seven years and am very excited to be working in Ranches Primary School.


Miss Cooper 
Year 4

victoria-cooperI have ten years teaching experience in both main stream schools and SEN schools. This is my second year in Dubai and my first term with Ranches Primary School where I am the year 4 teacher.




Mr Collar
Year 5


I have been here in Dubai for 2 years. In school, my aim is to create a safe and secure environment in which an infectiously positive ethos promotes a thriving school community.


Miss O’Farrell 



I have been working as both a teacher and a psychologist for over 10 years and I have been in the UAE for 5 years now  working in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai, I’m very excited to come to work in a brand new school so full of potential.



Mr Watling
PE teacher

Mr Watling


My participation in sport has seen me perform in the UK at academy level for football, progressing to a full time professional footballer at Middlesbrough FC.. I am motivated and dedicated to provide all pupils with a positive and successful experience in Physical Education.


Mrs Osman Alhassan
Arabic teacher

Mrs Osman Alhassan


I graduated from Khartoum University in Khartoum, Sudan with a Bachelor degree in Arabic Language and psychology. I have 12 years’ experience in different schools in Dubai.


Mrs Adbul Hamid
Arabic and Islamic Studies teacher

Mrs Adbul Hamid


I have been teaching in Dubai, in different schools for more than 28 years and I was head of the Arabic department in 3 of my previous schools. It is exciting for me to be part of the RPS team and I look forward to helping children to speak and understand the Arabic.


Mrs Rasha Abboud
Arabic teacher

mrs-rasha-abboud Bio and photo to follow





Mrs Palmer-Myers

French teacher

caroloine-palmer-myers Originally from Yorkshire, UK, I have thoroughly enjoyed spending the last twenty-five years teaching in wonderful schools both in England and internationally. Whilst focusing on teaching French this year, I have taught extensively as a class teacher, from Reception/FS2 through to Year 8. I also have wide experience in a variety of leadership roles including Head of Year, Deputy Head and Headteacher. I am passionate about learning and enjoy creating learning environments that encourage children to discover and develop their individual strengths and talents.


Mrs Louw

Music teacher



I come from South Africa and we moved to Dubai in 2012.  I am passionate about teaching and apart from Music, I’m also a qualified primary and learning support teacher.  It is my goal to create exciting and meaningful musical experiences that will stay with my students throughout their lives.  It is a privilege to be part of the RPS team.


Mrs Gosavi


Mrs Gosavi


I have been in Dubai for nearly a decade now, and had the opportunity to work with different curriculums. It is exciting to be a part of RPS and its wonderful, spacious and well-lit library. I look forward to introducing children to the magical world of reading!


Mrs Sajesh
School Nurse

Mrs Sajesh


I am from India and I have been working as school nurse for past 3 years in Dubai. I received Bachelor’s in Nursing (BSN) from India and currently doing my Masters in nursing (MSN) in child health.