Background of Ranches Primary School

Ranches Primary School is built in the expanded phase of the Arabian Ranches community, one of the fastest growing areas of Dubai. The school opened in September 2015.

The school is equipped with state of the art facilities to ensure a truly unique pupil experience. In keeping with the requirement of the community where it is located, it will operate as a co-educational school.

Is RPS associated with other schools or part of an education group?

Promoters of RPS have had extensive experience of founding and operating quality international schools and nurseries in Dubai. One of the partners, Emaar which is a leading real estate developer has a successful track record of building premier commercial and residential communities with excellent neighborhood facilities.

Where is RPS located?

Our school is located in the new Arabian Ranches 2. It is easily accessible from Al Qudra Road, which connects Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road with Emirates Bypass Road. The location map can be found here.

Can I visit the school?

 School tours are available daily at 10.30am.  To book a tour, please call the school office on 04 442 9765.

When does the school year start and finish?

Each year the school submits the academic calendar to Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) for approval, which is based on the current regulations and confirmed public holidays. Our calendar can be found on our school’s website. Generally, the school year commences at the beginning of September and closes at the end of June. We will operate under two semesters.

What are the school timings?

FS1-FS2 : 8:00am to 2:15pm

Year1 – Year 6 : 8:00am to 2:30pm

What accreditation will RPS seek?

RPS will be subject to the requirements of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority. As with all schools in Dubai, RPS will undergo a rigorous annual self-evaluation and inspection process. The results of the inspection are open to the public and can be found at

RPS will also seek accreditation with British Schools Overseas (BSO). BSO accreditation is used to inform schools and parents how the standards of their school measures up against the standards that apply to independent schools in the United Kingdom.

Is RPS a co-educational school?

Yes. RPS is fully co-educational, with an expected balance in the number of girls and boys, across all year groups from Nursery to Year 6.

What languages does RPS plan to teach?

The language of instruction is English and RPS will also provide Arabic instruction for pupils from FS1 to Year 6 and French for pupils from Year 3 to 6. At RPS we also believe that the provision of Mother-Tongue language instruction helps pupils retain their culture and supports the development of other languages. We will actively seek opportunities to enable additional languages after school as well as within our programme where possible.

How do we communicate at RPS?

Communication is vital to the success of RPS. The success of the pupils within the learning community can be ensured through active, timely and informative dialogue. Presently, all information relevant to RPS is available on our website Closer to the school opening, we will provide an education portal to ensure the parents are informed, well-resourced and able to contribute to the growth of our school.

How can I contribute to the school?

At RPS, we believe parents are a great resource with a diverse range of talent, expertise and experience, and view them as an integral part of our learning community. We encourage parents to be part of pupil learning through class reading sessions, curriculum related presentations, cultural events and home projects.

The parents association is an important part of any school, however it is even more significant in building the culture within a new school such as RPS. Our parent association will focus on community building, parent communication and assisting in major school events.

What is the RPS approach to homework?

At RPS ‘homework’ is ‘home learning’. We believe in a development approach to learning at home that enables students to engage independently.

What After School Activities does RPS offer?

RPS will offer the pupils a range of experiences spanning across arts, leadership, academics, sports and social development. Apart from relevant transport or possible consumable resource costs, each student will be able to avail of one free staff led activity.

We will also be looking for outstanding private vendors to offer additional paid activities.

What facilities can RPS pupils enjoy?

– Networked Library
– Specialist rooms for music, art and language learning
– Fully equipped science and computer labs
– 2 climate-controlled multi-purpose halls for a wide range of sports and other activities – Temperature controlled swimming pool
– A variety of outdoor play and learning areas
– Basketball and netball courts
– Spacious cafeteria

What does the school cafeteria offer?

We are focused on ensuring that our cafeteria partner supplies food that is varied, interesting and nutritious for students. The school will also be running a range of health focused programmes to support healthy choices from the cafeteria and with food brought from home.