April 25, 2016


At RPS the strategy for teaching and learning aims to ensure through evidence that all pupils achieve their potential. Teaching and learning is the core purpose of what we do. High quality learning, teaching and subsequently achievement are what we want for every pupil within the school. We believe that the more we have a shared understanding of what constitutes effective teaching and learning, the greater our success will be.


Each child is unique and comes to us with their own personal histories, strengths and opportunities for growth. Children will reach different developmental milestones at different stages in their lives, however there are general standards within age bands and approaches to teaching and learning that can be applied to support development and ensure each individual reaches his or her goals.


RPS offers a curriculum that is ‘balanced’ which includes mathematics, languages, sciences, technology, humanities, creative arts and physical education. A ‘broad’ curriculum of this type provides the opportunity for learners to experience, acquire and develop essential and valued learning from a variety of contexts. Where possible disciplines, such as information technology, are infused in the teaching of other subjects rather than being taught as a discrete subject.