October 26, 2016

English as a Second Language (ESL) and Special Education Needs (SEN)

The school will provide a caring and supportive environment in which each pupil is valued. The intention is that each pupil should be able to access and derive benefit from the curriculum and educational programmes to realise his or her potential. Most pupils’ needs can be met in the mainstream classroom but some pupil may need extra support, this will be written in their Individual Education Plan (IEP) or provision map.

RPS is an inclusive school. It will not be able to provide care and education for pupils with severe or profound learning challenges.  However, each application will be offered an opportunity to visit the school before admission decisions are made.

Pupils who have been identified as having an accelerated provision for a particular subject will be identified through teacher observation and the school assessment framework. Individual education tracking will take place with a dedicated member of staff accountable for ensuring enriched provision. This may take the form of extended classes, however in the majority of cases this will be accommodated through high quality differentiation in the classroom.  Provision is available for pupils with ESL and this will be discussed during the admissions process.

While support staff and programmes will be provided, all teachers will be expected to meet the learning needs of each individual in the classroom. This includes pupils with special needs, accelerated attainment and those to whom English is a second language.