April 25, 2016

Information Technology

ICT is embedded within the curriculum, taking the form of discrete skills acquisition as well as in the application to extend and transform learning. ICT supports the aims, principles and objectives of the wider school curriculum and is applied to augment and transform classroom learning and teaching.

The ICT curriculum is applied within three areas:

Learning about ICT: teachers and children develop skills and knowledge in the potential

uses of ICT to support learning.

Learning with ICT: teachers and children use ICT resources to support the classroom


Learning through ICT: teachers and children use ICT to transform the process of teaching and learning in new ways.

The use of ICT in teaching and learning functions in an inter-related and mutually supportive way. Much of children’s learning about ICT will develop as an integral part of learning with ICT. At the same time, it is acknowledged that learning about ICT will be necessary in order to successfully use ICT tools to support the curricular objectives, and to learn in new ways. Learning through ICT, which supports the general aim of ICT use in the curriculum, places a greater emphasis on the recognition of individual difference, and the use of varied approaches and methodologies in teaching.