October 26, 2016


The Primary curriculum follows the UK National Curriculum as the framework and is enhanced by a “depth of learning” approach.  The curriculum is internationally recognised and is delivered in schools worldwide.  It emphasises continuity and progression throughout the years to facilitate movement towards secondary education both in Dubai and other countries.

The Primary Curriculum is enhanced through a range of specialist activities that have been developed to meet the needs of an international community of learners to provide a holistic educational experience.

Pupils will be offered an individualised approach to learning. The emphasis is placed on the core development of skills within English, Math, Arabic and Science, and is applied so that each child is aware of the learning stage they are on. Expectations are developmentally appropriate, yet high. 

Pupils have opportunities to broaden their experience through a wide variety of fields and extend learning to ensure they are appropriately challenged. The atmosphere is warm and supportive both from teachers and peers. There is a collaborative attitude embedded in pair and small group work and the ability to share successes and learn through doing.

An emphasis is placed on developing 21st century learning skills and the latest technology is embedded throughout the school.