October 17, 2018

School Transport


Ranches Primary School has contracted Arab Falcon Bus Rental LLC, a highly experienced and established bus transportation company which is being used by number of schools in Dubai to ensure that we are providing our students safe, reliable and professional transport service.


All vehicles used by Arab Falcon follow the strict Road and Transport Authority (RTA) safety standards and guidelines. All bus drivers are highly experienced and authorized and trained by the RTA. A bus helper will travel with each vehicle.

If you wish to apply for the school transport service, please download Transport Application Form, sign and drop it at the RPS Transport Office or email it to csr.rps@arabfalcondubai.ae.

While every effort will be made to accommodate all requests, the decision whether the student is being allocated a seat rests with the service provider Arab Falcon. This is dependent on: (1) seat availability on existing buses, (2) the student resides along the planned bus routes.


Click here for transport application form.

For all bus related information please contact Arab Falcon representative Ms. Zahra on +971 (0)50 881 3974 or email at csr.rps@arabfalcondubai.ae.